Welcome to Hollywood!

Featuring a selection of some of the most iconic themes and songs from the movies....

Two hours of magical Hollywod music performed by the Mother City Orchestra and an ensemble of soloists.

Four soloists will perform some of the best loved songs from the movies, including Titanic and Pretty Woman.



When you're on the edge of your seat watching James Bond save the day yet again, or frankly not giving a damn about the four hour running time of "Gone with the wind", it's easy to forget that most of your favourite movie music was brought to life by an orchestra! 



The sweeping sounds and haunting harmonies bring all the emotion to some epic scenes which just wouldn't be the same without the music.



Join us on the red carpet as we transport you to the magic, glitz and glamour of Hollywood!

Some of your favourite songs and music from the greatest movies of all time

- specially arranged for MCO -

featuring the Mother City Orchestra and soloists from Diva Opera.